What we offer

Expertise on navigating the world of developing and submitting apps. We have over three and a half years experience developing apps for iOS. We know how to get your apps approved by Apple and love collaborating on new exciting ideas. We embrace new technologies and devices and love to push development and what an app can do to its limit.

How we’ll work together as a team

From the beginning, we will steer you in the right direction to harness your ideas into requirements, mock ups, and what you need done just to get started developing your new app. We have documentation and screen templates to get your thoughts down on paper so we can talk about them further. We want a trust to develop so that you can turn your idea into reality.

How to get started

Contact us to start the process and we can talk further. Also, check out our apps at

About Us

Jeffrey Johnson

Software Engineer with over 14 years of experience who has always demonstrated a penchant for learning new things quickly and digging deeper to figure out how something really works. I have always enjoyed the challenges of software and look forward to the growth that comes with new technologies. I love what mobile apps can do and want to bring your ideas to life. See my resume.

Lisa Brandolo Johnson

15 years experience as a Physical Therapist in a variety of settings, from inpatient, outpatient, to homecare, as a staff PT to a site manager. I used my experience in healthcare to focus on marketing, product development, enhancements, and the growth of Grembe Apps.

Links of interest for mobile app development


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